Fitbit - A Review

What is a Fitbit?

Fitbit is a tiny device, that tracks every step you take. It is a glorified pedometer, which tracks how many steps you take, how many floor you have climbed, the number of miles you walked, plus the amount of calories you burned, and it also tracks how well you sleep.
Fitbit website is a daily overview of all the Fitbit functions, the information is tracked by every minute of the day. Depending on how many steps you take in a period of time depends on the activity level classification. There are three activity levels; light activity, fairly active, and very active. The pie chart, under time activity, breaks your 24 hour day into the three activity levels plus sedentary. I find myself constantly trying to improve my activity levels, and I also like tracking how well I sleep every night. For me this is the best weight loss tool that I have tried.

Weight loss with the Fitbit

What I like about the Fitbit is that they partner with MyFitnessPal. I use MyFitnessPal to track my calories, and it automatically syncs to my Fitbit account, same goes for the calories I burn are adjusting on MyFitnessPal. what I love about Fitbit is that it clearly states how many calories, I can still eat today to meet my weight loss goal.
Getting friends and competing against each other is a great way to stay motivated. I always try to get first place. I set my step goals high, and being a competitive person it helps me get off the couch and do the extra steps to reach my goal everyday.
My only complaint is the Fitbit is easy to loose.I lost mine within 2 month of purchase. They have excellent customer service, I emailed them and share my story of loosing it and they sent me a free one a few days later.
Not only am I loosing weight, and moving more, which is reward enough.I also joined Earndit. Earndit rewards people for exercising, it works by giving you points depending on how much you move and at what intensity.I added my Fitbit to the Earndit website. I prefer donating my points to charity but gift cards are an option

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