Teri's love for art and crafts came out of necessity. She was born with half of her heart missing and was not able to play sports, go to dance classes like the rest of her classmates so she spent her time after school, drawing, writing and reading. Hence her love for arts was born. She was often found in her room busy with her latest art project.

In college, Teri studied Apparel Marketing. She was able to use her love for art in a few of her classes, but her love for art took a backseat to her other studies and activities. Once she graduated from college she joined the corporate world. Her desire for art making, came in the form of crafting and designing things for her apartment, and hosting elaborate themed dinner parties for her friends. 

In summer of 2007, Teri had discovered Etsy. Vieira Girl was born (click here to learn more about Vieira Girl) as a handmade card store. Her store helped her fund her large wish list on Etsy. She continued this as a hobby and slowly started to turn her card store into an art print store. 

In  early 2009, Teri health had decreased to the point that her cardiologists recommend that she stopped working full time. In 2009 Teri purchased a condo in a new city a 30 minutes outside of Boston and started the process of applying for disability. 

In 2010, Vieira Girl etsy store was brought back as a print shop. Then in 2013  Vieira Girl closed it doors and Merci Kiss which was an instant download version of our art prints. Due to the nature of her disease she was no longer able get packages mailed on a regular schedule. 

Teri health has stabilized over the last few years, and she spent more time developing her art, learning new processes and in 2015 decided to bring Vieira Girl back in the form of her new love for pattern  design.  She opened the Vieira Girl  Spoonflower shop in the fall of 2015.  She has decided that Vieira Girl Etsy shop will  reopen in early 2016 with her new design focus, along with her Redbubble  and Society 6 stores. 

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